TIPS Alcohol Online Training Course - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions from TIPS Online participants. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email .

How much does it cost?
Currently the fee for online certification is only $40

How can multiple people use the same computer to take eTIPS?

In order for eTIPS to work properly when more than one person is using the computer, it needs to be absolutely sure each student is who it thinks they are. When multiple people are taking eTIPS from the same computer, this can get confusing to the software. In order to assure that this does not create confusion when taking exams, after each student exits the course, please go to the following URL in the web browser on that computer:

This link logs a student entirely out of the web site, so that the next student must log in (and, by doing so, verify their identity to the system).

How do I return to an eTIPS Course?

If you exit from the course, you may return to the course with the following instruction:

    1. In your web browser, go to
    2. Click the button labeled "Return to Course"
    3. Enter your user name in the space provided - this is typically the full name you provided on registering (e.g. "Jill Smith")
    4. Enter your password in the space provided. When you register a random password is generated and sent to the email address you specified at that time.
    5. Click on the "SignIn" button
    After logging in the screen should change and then a window should open with the course. If that does not happen, follow the on-screen instructions to launch the course window.

    When I try to login, I receive the error message "The information you entered could not be validated". I know I entered my email address and password correctly.. What happened?It's possible that more than one registration on our web site carries that email address. Either you have multiple registrations, or other people in your organization used your email address when registering accidently or on purpose. If that occurs, the email address may not match the password you gave. You will need to use your first and last name, spelled out, as your username in that instance.

    My web browser crashed after starting the class.This usually indicates one of the following problems:

    1. Your computer is infected with "spyware". This can frequently interfere with the correct operation of a web browser.
    2. Your computer is infected with "viruses". As with spyware, this can interfere with your computer, and also usually slows the computer down.
    3. Your Flash web-browser plug-in is out-of-date. Please see the system requirements for our course for information of how to obtain the latest version of the plug-in for your browser and computer operating system.

    How can I review my certification after taking the class?A Personal Training Portal is setup for every eTIPS user that allows them to view their records. To access the portal, and review your certification records:

    1. Go to
    2. Sign in using your full name, and the random password that was created and emailed to you when you registered
    3. After signing in, click the button labeled "Enter Training Portal"
    4. Click on "Participation History"
    5. Click on "My Participant Records". The training information will be displayed at the bottom.

    6. How can I see my course completion certificate?When you complete the course a temporary certificate of completion is generated. If you want to see if later, you can do so by entering your personal training portal and viewing your registration record.

      1. Go to
      2. Sign in using your full name, and the random password that was created and emailed to you when you registered
      3. After signing in, click the button labeled "Enter Training Portal"
      4. Click on " Seek Participant Training"
      5. Click on " My Planned Session Registrations"
      6. Locate the registration that you've finished, click on the number to bring it up
      7. Clicking on the words "(Click to see Certificate)" to display the certificate in a new windowWe would also appreciate feedback from you on your experience.

      8. From the registration record, click on the word "Completed" to take the course survey
    I just completed the course. When will I receive my certification card?Please allow 3-5 business days.

    I failed the course... What happens next?You are entitled to a free retake of the class and certification exam. A new registration will be created for you, and details about how to take the course should be emailed to you automatically.

    I had to leave the class or test before finishing, or my computer stopped working while I was in either.. What happens next?When you exit the course, on returning you should be placed at the page you last viewed. With the certification exam, leaving it requires you to start the exam completely over.. you have to complete the exam within the same sitting. Please review other instructions in this F.A.Q. for returning to a course.

    How long does the course take?Depending on the user, the course can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to complete. Users can log-out and return to the course at anytime. Upon returning, the course will resume from where the user logged out. The exam must be taken in one sitting.

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